Boss GT Central


In the move to the new hosting server, a few things were messed up by the provider and there is no way to go back to the old host. Everything is gone! I have been trying non-stop for nearly 10 days to figure out how to solve the numerous issues which I am facing and I just cannot get past the number of issues I see. It really is a shame.

Boss GT Central had a fantastic group of users. We have been an internet presence for many, many years and it appears as though that now is ending.

We covered the Boss GT-3, GT-5, GT-6. GT8, GT-Pro, etc and I've had some good times. At the early stages, there was not much competition and now many companies have joined the fight of the digital age, and may have surpassed Boss/Roland. That is all good. More products for us musicians!

As far as the content, I have/had over 10 years of forum posts which are now apparently "broken" and unable to get back to where they need to be. We have survived numerous hacks, new inventions and, at times, wars with other user communities. I thought about starting the site over again, but to be honest, it is just not worth it when the years of content will not be available.

Thanks for the friendship and learning which you all have brought to the forum. I appreciate it as I am sure that other have enjoyed as well.



Boss GT Central Admin